Triggering Snowflakes is NOT the goal.

Our goal is to bring truth to the masses; truth deliberately suppressed by main stream media outlets.

Callous endeavors to report stories and events that are happening all around us, but are never reported, or are reported with errors, or wrapped in outright lies and propaganda. The news presented here is truth; not some narrative, spun into a fever pitch hysteria to illicit a particular reaction from viewers or readers.

Callous does not care whether you believe the truth we present here is real or not; it still effects and applies to you (and all of us) regardless. Truth does not bend to agendas, narratives, ideologies, personal preferences, or any divisive biases used against us. Truth is an unchangeable constant.

One ‘group-think mind’ is infinitely more controllable then millions upon millions of individual, aware, free-thinkers.

If the hyperbole, hysteria and opinions presented to you on TV, or in mainstream news rags has you in a state of constant aggravation with anyone that challenges what they have told you to believe, then you are an unknowing victim of emotional manipulation. You have become a tool in their agenda to “herd” every human’s thought and impulse into a “group-think” mentality, which then can be controlled as a single entity,